An Ode to the Taco


I honestly thought I’d have this truck for 15-20 years. That was the plan at least until my body started to hurt after months at a time on the road sleeping in the bed of a 6 foot truck. I am 6’6”. It’s totally great for weekend trips but after two years of living on the road part time I decided it was time to upgrade my vehicle size to one that fit me proportionately. Behold, the 4×4 Sprinter! I’m currently building it out and am pretty psyched! I look forward to sharing the process through different social media channels so stay tuned!I thought I’d share a handful of images of the vibrant life this Tacoma has lived so far. In a perfect world, I’d keep the Taco but I’m on the hunt for a new owner who will carry the torch. Know anyone who wants a rad truck?

2014_Toyota_Tacoma_TRD_OFF_Road_049pinimage2014_Toyota_Tacoma_TRD_OFF_Road_046pinimageCarl_Zoch_AJ_003pinimageCarl_Zoch_AJ_002pinimageCarl_Zoch_AJ_004pinimage2014_Toyota_Tacoma_TRD_OFF_Road_047pinimageCarl_Zoch_AJ_006pinimageCarl_Zoch_AJ_005pinimageCarl_Zoch_AJ_007pinimageCarl_Zoch_AJ_008pinimage2014_Toyota_Tacoma_TRD_OFF_Road_037pinimage2014_Toyota_Tacoma_TRD_OFF_Road_042pinimage2014_Toyota_Tacoma_TRD_OFF_Road_045pinimage2014_Toyota_Tacoma_TRD_OFF_Road_052pinimage2014_Toyota_Tacoma_TRD_OFF_Road_058pinimage2014_Toyota_Tacoma_TRD_OFF_Road_062pinimage2014_Toyota_Tacoma_TRD_OFF_Road_050pinimage2014_Toyota_Tacoma_TRD_OFF_Road_065pinimage2014_Toyota_Tacoma_TRD_OFF_Road_073pinimage2014_Toyota_Tacoma_TRD_OFF_Road_075pinimageCarl Zoch Tacompinimage

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